How to Remove Tea Stains From Granite Countertops

How to Remove Tea Stains From Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most commonly used natural stone countertops. It is inexpensive, durable, and resistant to heat, making it ideal for kitchen counters. Nevertheless, despite being one of the least porous natural stones, granite is porous and can be stained. Even though there are many things that can stain your beautiful countertop, our focus today will be on tea stains.

The issue with tea stains is they are an eyesore, particularly on light-colored surfaces. Still, the good news is that household products such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can quickly solve the problem. And today, we’ll show you how to use these items the right way to restore your granite countertop’s luster.

The Best Products for Removing Tea Stains from Granite Countertops

1-Baking Soda

I like to start my cleaning guides with baking soda (when it actually works) because it is a non-abrasive ingredient that most people have at home. This ingredient is so effective that I use it whenever I encounter a stain. Today, though, we will combine it with hydrogen peroxide.

Apply some baking soda to a piece of cloth (preferably a soft one) and pour into the same section of that cloth some hydrogen peroxide. After that, rub the stain until it’s gone. Both hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are safe to use on granite, so you shouldn’t worry about any adverse reactions.

If the first application fails to remove the tea stain, you can repeat the process.

2-Dishwashing Detergent

Why go to the grocery store looking for a commercial cleaner when your dishwashing detergent can do the trick? That’s right. There’s no need for an abrasive cleaner when you have your preferred detergent on hand.

All you need to do is make a solution of warm water with a dishwashing solution. Dip a clean cloth into that mixture and wipe off the tea stain from your granite countertop.

Lastly, rinse the whole surface with clean water, and voilà, your granite countertop should be sparkling once again.

3-Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is another fantastic product that you most likely already have at home. This latter can also be used to remove different stains from a granite countertop. With the tea stain, just put some of this product on a cloth and rub it over the discolored area.

You won’t need to rinse the countertop since the rubbing alcohol will evaporate on its own after a few minutes of the application. In addition, this product leaves no residue behind.

What Should You Avoid Using When Cleaning Tea Stains off Granite Countertops?

We all know that alkaline and acidic cleaners can harm granite countertops. Putting these products on your granite will cause etching, making the affected surface look dull.

In other words, these products will not entirely damage your countertop, but they will negatively alter its appearance.

Also, there are many effective DIY techniques for removing tea stains. However, many of these approaches should not be used on a granite surface. For instance, toothpaste and WD-40 are excellent stain removers, yet they shouldn’t be used on a granite surface.

For example, most of the toothpaste we use daily is either acidic or alkaline. And by using it to clean your granite countertop, you’ll do more harm than good by causing the damage mentioned above.


We hope you found this article useful. And as you’ve seen, removing a tea stain from a granite countertop isn’t a challenging process. It also does not need the use of any commercial product.

It’s possible I didn’t cover every method for removing tea stains from granite countertops. Therefore, if you’ve got an effective hack in your pocket that isn’t mentioned above, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

Just like tea, turmeric can also leave an ugly stain on a natural stone countertop. And in order to properly remove it without harming your countertop, we’ve made a special guide that includes plenty of valuable hacks to get the best results with minimal effort.

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