How to Get Rid of Spiders in the Basement [9 Effective Tips]

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For many of us, sharing the same roof with spiders isn’t an option at all. And it’s completely understandable. Even though spiders found in the basement aren’t harmful in most cases, they’re almost all web builders. I mean, once they locate a dark, warm area to dwell in, they start producing their annoying webs. And trust me, you don’t want to keep cleaning it, as it gets irritating over time. That’s why it’s recommended to keep these creepy eight-legged pests away from your basement.

Whether you’re ok with dealing with the spiders from close range, or you prefer getting rid of them from a distance, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we compiled the best-proven tips to get rid of spiders in the basement once and for all.

I-How to Get Rid of Spiders in the Basement

1-Vacuum the Spiders

If you have a vacuum with a hose attachment, then you can simply vacuum all spiders, including their spiderwebs.

Please keep in mind that while this method is highly effective, we cannot guarantee that spiders removed with your vacuum will still be alive. Instead, we recommend using spider traps if you want to get rid of spiders in your basement without killing them.

2-Spider Traps

For some people, killing spiders doesn’t feel too right, so they prefer giving them a chance to live outside. (Saying this makes me feel like a monster since I always rely on the tips mentioned above).

Anyway, if you belong to this category of kind people, then a spider trap can be super handy for you. Just like a mousetrap, spider traps also allow you to catch these creepy eight-legs without killing them.

Once they’re captured, release them in a place away from your house. You definitely don’t want them to find their way back to your basement, so take them far away. This way, you give’em a second chance to live, but not in your basement. A win-win strategy, right?


We all know that cats’ archenemy is mice. Yet, what most of us tend to ignore is that cats also hunt spiders. I mean, your lovely cute cat can do the job in your place, yet, not as quickly as if you rely on one of the tips mentioned above. Still, cats can be very effective when looking to remove bugs in general.

What’s great about having a cat in the house is that spiders will avoid it once they realize they’re not safe anymore. Just give your cat quick access to your basement and let it care of the rest.

4-Clean Your Basement Regularly

A cluttered basement is a dream of every spider. I mean, like, these scary-looking pests love when your basement is a mess. Therefore, the perfect way to push spiders in the opposite direction of your basement is by maintaining it tidy and clean.

Cleaning your basement is essential if you want to keep insects away. Bugs, as we all know, are spiders’ favorite food. And eliminating ’em from your basement will help prevent spiders from coming since there will be nothing to entice them.

This way, you’ll have a healthy basement free of dust that you can use more often without worrying about staining your clothes or about spiders.

5-Do Not Stack Up Woodpiles

Woodpiles are one of the primary causes of spiders dwelling in your basement. The stack of every woodpile creates a dark and warm space beneath it. These are the main aspects spiders look for when looking to settle in a specific place. That’s why we recommend you keep your woodpiles outside.

However, even if you take woodpiles outside, do not keep them near your basement since spiders can get in through cracks or small holes in your windows.

6-Seal the Cracks

After you’ve properly cleaned your basement and got rid of all spiders, here’s what you should do next. Try to seal all cracks and holes that might allow spiders to access your basement.

Take a look around and block every entrance you think spiders could use to sneak inside. This way, you know your basement will remain clean.

II-How to Get Rid of Spiders in the Basement Naturally

1-Peppermint Oil

Since it’s an excellent repellant, spiders consider Peppermint Oil as their worst nightmare. It’s also a fantastic natural alternative for people who don’t want to use chemical products. And on top of that, this solution produces a lovely smell that enhances your basement’s odor.

Simply combine a fair amount of this product with water in a spray bottle and shake thoroughly. Then, spray the solution in every location where you believe spiders could consider it a good entry point. What’s nice about peppermint oil is that its powerful scent deters other pests as well.

The same technique can be used with eucalyptus instead of peppermint oil. Just mix this latter with water, and spray it in every corner of your basement.

2-White Vinegar

Vinegar is a great versatile household product that is available in most houses. It’s also inexpensive and natural, making it the perfect solution for those who’d like to remain gentle toward their wallet. Just like peppermint oil, pour some white vinegar into a spray bottle and add an equal part of water. Then spray it on every place where you see spiders hanging around. You can also spray this solution in all openings.

Now, you might be wondering what makes white vinegar such a good repellent against spiders. Well, thanks to its high acidity level, the moment white vinegar comes into contact with spiders, it starts burning them. And that’s the reason why using it allows you to get rid of spiders swiftly.

Additionally, you can use this product as a barrier to keep spiders out of your basement. All you need to do is pour white vinegar into a bowl and place it near access holes and crevices.

This mixture is also quite effective against other insects. By getting rid of bugs, you prevent spiders from having food. And as a result, spiders won’t find your basement too attractive to live in.


Lemon and orange are fantastic for keeping spiders out of your cellar. Spiders despise the smells of these fruits, despite the fact that humans like ’em. What is also great with this approach is that it’s pretty straightforward and does not require too much effort.

Simply fill a spray bottle with lemon juice and water, and spray every tiny hole and gap you come across. This should push spiders away from your basement.

Scrubbing lemon or orange peels over crevices and holes is another approach for repelling spiders. The scent of these latter will drive them away, preventing pests from invading your basement.

You can also leave the peels close to these entry points as additional protection. However, we recommend replacing the peels every couple of days.


We hope that we have brought you the information you were looking for regarding how to get rid of spiders in the basement.

Feel free to leave us a comment letting us know your opinion regarding these tips. And if you have a better tactic to fix this issue and take back control of your basement, we will highly appreciate it if you share it with us.

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