How to Get Water Stains Out of Couch [6 Amazing Tips]

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Can you imagine the water we use to remove all kinds of filth has a dark side? That’s right. A water spill on your favorite couch can result in an eye-catching ugly circle. It is the minerals in the water that are to blame, not the water itself. However, regardless of the culprit behind this ugly stain, the blotch must be removed as soon as possible.

Having a water stain on your favorite couch reduces its attractiveness. Therefore, it is your responsibility to remove it promptly. The good news is, despite how bad it appears, the method for removing this stain is pretty straightforward.

Without further ado, here are our recommended tips on how to get water stains out of the couch

I-Read the Couch Cleaning Instructions

Please check the tag on your sofa before starting any of the cleaning procedures listed below. The tag indicates the cleaning products that are safe to use on your couch.

Again, to avoid causing damage to your sofa, you should strictly adhere to the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.

II-How to Get Water Stains Out of Couch

1-How to Deal With a Fresh Water Spillage

The faster you act, the better your chances of avoiding those unsightly round rings. Simply blot as much liquid as possible using a clean towel. Avoid rubbing the area since it will just spread the water around, making it more difficult to remove.

2-Steam Cleaner

When it comes to removing water stains, the first thing you should think about is using a steam cleaner. Thanks to its high heat, a steam cleaner can easily remove limescale and mineral deposits.

In addition to that, it also disinfects your sofa. However, before using it, make sure your sofa can withstand the use of a steam cleaner.


We’ll agree that having a water stain on your sofa affects its beauty. The good thing is it doesn’t require fancy products nor too much effort to take it off.

To remove it, just combine a half cup of vinegar with two cups of distilled water in a spray bottle. Avoid using plain water since its minerals are the cause of that unsightly ring on your couch.

We recommend testing the combination on an inconspicuous part of your couch before tackling the stain. This procedure is required to avoid unpleasant surprises. If everything goes well, then gently mist the stain while blotting it with a white microfiber towel.

Lastly, using a fan, aim it over the moist spot and leave it blowing until the affected area is completely dry. Alternatively, you can use a hairdryer to achieve the same result.


We recommend using salt to remove the remaining moisture for fresh stains that couldn’t be blotted entirely. Simply pour a sufficient amount of salt into the spilled water and let it absorb the liquid. Then, using your regular vacuum, thoroughly clean the affected area.

Remark: The use of a vacuum is necessary for this step.

5-Mild Detergent

Using a mild detergent to remove water stains off your favorite sofa can also be effective. To use this approach, combine the detergent with distilled water and thoroughly mix the solution. After that, dip a clean white cloth into the mixture and start dabbing the stain.

We strongly advise not soaking the cloth to avoid leaving any stain or solution residue on the affected area. Once you’ve cleaned the stain, rinse it with a clean towel dipped in water.

This procedure can also be used with plain water; however, once you’ve done cleaning, you’ve to dry the area quickly. Leaving tap water to dry on its own is more likely to result in another unsightly round ring.

6-Rubbing Alcohol

If the previous methods did not remove the watermark, you should try rubbing alcohol. Unlike water, rubbing alcohol is quite effective and evaporates quickly. In addition to that, using it to clean any type of stain is relatively straightforward.

All you’ve to do is fill up a spray bottle with the product and spray the stained area. After that, with a clean white cloth, gently rub the stain until you take out all dirt from the affected area.

If the used part of the towel becomes soaked with water, don’t hesitate to use a clean section of it or even replace it entirely.


1-Are Water Stains Permanent?

No, water stains are not permanent. If you follow one of the tips mentioned above, you can clean your couch and get rid of water stains quite easily.

2-Why Does Water Stain my Couch?

Water stains your couch for one of two causes. The first reason is because of the type of your couch’s fabric. Some textiles respond adversely to water, which might explain why you end up with an unsightly circle.

The second reason, and often the primary cause, is related to the minerals found in water. These minerals are responsible for that ugly ring.


Here is where the article comes to its end. We hope the tips mentioned above regarding how to get water stains out of the couch did provide you with the result you wanted.

Don’t forget to drop us a comment below, sharing with us your experience with the tip and how long it took you to get your couch shining again.

If during cleaning your couch happens that the water damages your carpet, then we recommend reading this guide that will teach you how to deal with such a situation.

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