Shark Robot Vacuum Error 2 [Here’s How to Fix It]

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Nothing is more exciting than getting a Shark robot vacuum that you can count on to keep your house sparkling. But every once in a while, your cleaning partner may encounter some complications that might leave you frustrated, such as error 2. Don’t worry. We’ve all been there where we feel clueless about what could possibly have gone wrong.

The Shark robot vacuum error 2 code indicates that something is preventing the vacuum from moving freely. And to help you solve the problem, we’ve compiled a list of potential causes that can trigger this issue. Spoiler alert! They’re all easy to fix, and you can actually do it on your own.

How to Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Error 2 (Obstruction)

1- The brush roll is the most common cause of “error 2”. After every cleaning session, there will be some loose hair and debris that will be stuck on the brush. And at some point, error 2 will occur when the brush roll will no longer be able to spin freely.

Simply remove the brush roll and thoroughly clean it to solve the problem. Don’t forget to also take the brush roll’s end cup off and clean what’s inside. You’ll be surprised at how much hair is stuck in there. After completing all these steps, obstruction error 2 will disappear.

2-Just like the brush roll, the wheels can also get hair tangled, resulting in mobility restriction. What we recommend doing, in this case, is to visually inspect every wheel you’ve got on your Shark robot vacuum and clean out anything that is trapped inside.

3-Another potential cause of error 2 is the side brushes. Take a look at the side brushes and see how they spin. We recommend trying rotating each one of them manually. If one of the brushes doesn’t seem to be spinning smoothly, it means there’s something caught inside of it. In this case, either clean the affected brush or replace it if cleaning didn’t solve the problem.

But what if you have guests coming over and you need to vacuum the house? Don’t worry. I’ve got an excellent temporary solution for you. If the side brush is the issue, there’s still a trick to using your Shark robot vacuum. Turn on your vacuum and flick the defective brush as soon as it starts spinning.

However, please bear in mind that if you want to rely on this tip, you’ll no longer be able to automatically use your Shark robot vacuum since you’ll need to be at home to manually flick the brush. Still, the best thing to do if you want to use all of your Shark robot vacuum’s features is to get a brand new brush.


Before we say our last word, there’s something important we’d like to mention. To keep error 2 from happening again, you should clean your Shark robot vacuum once a week, especially if you’ve got residents with long hair or pets that shed a lot.

With that said, we hope the tips mentioned above were helpful for you. We would appreciate it if you could tell us how these tricks worked for you and whether or not you were able to solve your problem. Also, if you managed to find another cause that triggered error 2, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

As you’ve probably already noticed, most vacuums fail to remove embedded hair from a carpet. And If you wish to learn how to do this on your own, I highly suggest reading our guide on removing hair from a rug without a vacuum cleaner. Spoiler alert! All the tips mentioned in that article are way more effective than vacuum cleaners.

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1 thought on “Shark Robot Vacuum Error 2 [Here’s How to Fix It]”

  1. Barry Brandeburg

    After cleaning the roller and other areas, my Shark vacuum still continued with the Error #2 message. I took the roller out completely and the Shark ran fine. Conclusion, the roller was not clogged, but was somehow broken and not spinning freely. I ended up replacing the roller and the Shark now works fine.

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Do You Want To Keep Your House Sparkling?

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