What Causes Rust Stains on Carpet? And How to Clean It?

Rust stains on carpet

Have you ever noticed an ugly brown stain on your carpet? Most of the time, these stains are caused by rust. Now, you might be wondering how a carpet may have a rust stain. It’s actually not your carpet’s fault. It’s yours!! We all have furniture in our house, and when a piece of steel furniture is exposed to moisture or water, it ends up creating those ugly stains on the carpet.

So, what should you do to avoid such a problem? And in case it happens, which steps should you follow to restore your carpet’s beauty? This is what we’re going to reveal in this article below.

1-What Causes Rust Stains on Carpet

Your metal décor furniture is the main culprit in this situation. If you look closely, you will notice furniture with meta legs or arms. When this latter gets moistened or comes into contact with water, it undergoes a chemical reaction known as oxidation. In other words, the rust spots are caused by the corrosion of metal parts.

As a result, before you begin removing rust from your carpet, you must first determine the cause of the rust. If you ignore the source and thoroughly clean your carpet, you will ultimately encounter the same issue.

Now, you might be wondering which item is causing this problem. Often, the furniture positioned over your carpet is the source of the problem. Therefore, if you have a large number of them, we recommend checking them one by one.

A standing lamp can also cause this problem. Since its leg is often made of iron, it can easily leave rust on your carpet.

2-How to Get Rid of Rust Stains on Carpet

There are several approaches you may use to remove rust stains from the carpet. However, the ones we’ll discuss are the most effective that doesn’t require too much work.

1-Scrape the rust

Scrape as much rust off the carpet fibers as you can with a butter knife. Take care not to damage the piles throughout this operation. Sweep any loose particles with a broom to get a good idea of which areas need more attention.

After you’ve scraped all of the rust out of your carpet, it’s time to restore its beauty. All you must do is follow the cleaning method below.

2-How to Clean a Carpet From Rust Stains

When there is nothing left to scrape, it is time to put the white vinegar to work. The size of the stain will determine the amount of white vinegar required.

Simply pour some white vinegar into a cup or a bowl, then wet a cotton ball or a white cloth in the solution. After that, carefully dampen the stained area. White vinegar should be applied gently and left to act for not more than 10 minutes.

If the stain does not come out after the initial application, consider increasing the amount of white vinegar until the carpet fibers are fully saturated. Then, using a clean cloth, try to dry the spot completely.

In most situations, this should be sufficient to remove the rust from your carpet. However, if you find yourself encountering a stubborn stain, then here is an additional tip.

Add 2 or 3 drops of dishwashing liquid with 1 cup of warm water. Soak a sponge into the solution and dampen with this latter the stained area. After that, with a clean cloth, blot the solution from the carpet and dry it well. This should be more than enough to restore your carpet’s original appeal.

Remark: Don’t use too much detergent as it can leave residues that often end up attracting more dirt.

2-Lemon Juice

If you don’t have white vinegar on hand, you can use lemon juice instead. To use this approach, just fill a spray bottle with lemon juice and spray the affected area. The following steps are the same as with white vinegar.


We hope that this short guide about how to remove rust stains on the carpet was helpful for you. Feel free to leave us a comment below, letting us know your opinion about the tips above.

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