How to Remove Etching From Glass Shower Door [Everything You Need to Know]

how to remove etching from glass shower door

Etched glass doors have long been popular among homeowners as they offer an exquisite touch to the shower. However, because tastes and styles vary, many of us dislike this sort of door. And if you’re one of those that prefer simple glass shower doors, you’ll obviously make sure that your glass door has no etching.

If that’s the case, then you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, we answer some questions about etched glass shower doors, as well as how to remove faux etching without harming the glass properly.

1-How to Remove Faux Etching From Glass Shower Door?

Removing faux etching is possible and quite easy, actually. It does, however, require your focus to avoid scratching your glass door.

First of all, you’ll need a brand new blade and water to remove the faux etching. If you have a slightly worn blade, it can still be used as long as it is sharp.

To start, wet the whole area of faux etching. This will keep the blade you’ll be using from scratching the glass. Then, use the blade to start pulling the etching. Always work from the edges.

If the area becomes dry and the etching gets too difficult to remove, we recommend adding more water. Keep in mind that a dry surface is more likely to be scratched, especially when using a sharp object like a blade.

Work carefully, so you do not hurt yourself, and add more water each time you remove a significant portion of the etching. Don’t forget that when the etching is clung to the glass shower door, it prevents water from slipping inside.

This technique should take off the etching without leaving any residue behind. However, If there are any stains left behind, then you can visit our guide on how to clean a glass shower door. The tips mentioned in that article will help you restore the shine of your door and thus your shower.

2-Can You Remove Real Etching From a Glass Shower Door?

Before we address this question, here’s a quick explanation for those who are curious to know how real glass etchings are made.

Glass etching is the process of removing the surface of the glass using acid or sandpaper to produce a design. It also can be done with glass etching cream or mold etching. This operation is used to create attractive patterns on glass surfaces. It can be basic or complex, depending on the artist’s expertise.

Now that you know how etchings are made, I’m sure you’ve realized that they’re impossible to remove. It is impossible because the design or pattern formed is a result of a change in the physical aspect of the glass door.

3-How to Keep Etched Glass Shower Door Sparkling?

Cleaning an etched glass shower door is no different from cleaning regular glass doors. The most important thing that you should do is to clean the glass door on a regular basis.

We highly recommend avoiding neglecting your glass door as the stains buildup can cause scratches, and thus it will detract from the elegance of your shower.

Scratches are a very common problem in glass shower doors. They occur when soap, shampoo, water stains, or other substances get left on the glass for an extended period of time. They can also arise if you use too much acid-containing cleaning solution.

Acids are very good at breaking down different stains on the glass, but they can also wear down the glass itself, causing it to etch.

There are some chemicals that can remove scratches on glass shower doors, yet some of them are not safe to use around people or pets, so it’s best to avoid them if possible.

You may be wondering which techniques to employ to make your glass shower door sparkle now that you realize how important it is to maintain it clean. Don’t worry. We got you covered.

We’ve recently made a fantastic guide on how to clean glass shower doors from hard water stains. The tips mentioned in that article are also effective against other stains on shower doors, such as soap scum, limescale build-up, and so on.


We hope the information provided above has been helpful to you. Don’t forget to leave us a comment sharing with us your preferred methods on how to remove faux etching from a glass shower door as well as how to keep such a door fresh and clean.

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