Quantum X Vacuum Review

In early 2019, Intelliclean Solutions introduced its first upright vacuum, the Quantum X. Due to its outstanding performance at the time, this vacuum has gotten a lot of attention.

However, the market has evolved since then, and what was once at the top is likely no longer. That’s why we decided to share with you our most recent Quantum X vacuum review to see how this machine stacks up against the current competition.

What is Quantum X?

The Quantum X is an upright water-based vacuum. To put it another way, it doesn’t have a filter or a dustbin. Instead, it has a water filtration system that both filters and holds the vacuumed dirt.

A water filtration system prevents dust and other particles from escaping into the air. This will ensure a healthy environment, especially for people that suffer from allergies.

What’s also great about this vacuum is that you won’t have to deal with filters anymore. As we all know, filters tend to clog with time, which can have a detrimental impact on a vacuum’s performance.

In addition, if a filter is not frequently cleaned, it may cause the machine to overheat and thus cause internal damage since the motor must work harder to deliver the necessary suction power.

Quantum X Vacuum Review

1-Design & Features

Quantum X Vacuum Review

The Quantum X is made of plastic all the way through. This covers both the build material and the accessories it comes with.

This vacuum also features an ergonomic grip and a digital on/off switch under the handle.

Putting everything together couldn’t have been simpler. All you have to do is to attach the body to the head, then to the handle, and lastly, tighten up the screws on the handle, and you’re done.

The same thing applies to the water tank. The water container on Quantum X was easy to take off and put back in place. It also has a line that indicates the amount of water to put in.

Another noteworthy feature of the Quantum X is its floorhead. When you turn on the vacuum, the floorhead lights up, allowing you to see what’s on the floor.

While this may not be a huge advantage in well-lit areas, it will come in handy in dark corners as well as under furniture.

2-Water Tank

The water tank can hold up to 32 oz (around 1 liter). Once you turn on the vacuum, the latter lights up, allowing you to see what’s inside.

Quantum claims to have antibacterial micro silver embedded, so let’s take their word for it since I couldn’t tell whether it’s true or not.

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3-Weight & Dimensions

The Quantum X weighs around 17.5 pounds without water and 19 pounds with the water tank full. Also, the unit measures 10′′ in length, 12′′ in width, and 47′′ in height. Given that it is solely intended for home usage, it is somewhat hefty.

I’m not gonna lie to you; using this vacuum to clean stairs will be pretty challenging. Therefore, if you intend to do this, you better keep your workout session after cleaning the house.


Quantum X Vacuum Accessories

Intelliclean Solutions seems to have been generous with the accessories provided with the Quantum X. This vacuum includes:

  • A stretchable wet and dry hose with an airflow controller on it
  • An upholstery brush
  • A dusting brush
  • Three plastic wands to extend the crevice tool
  • Hard floor brush
  • Air-driven mini powerhead for pet hair
  • Bare floor tool with rubberized wheels

Cleaning every part of your home will be a snap with all these accessories. The three plastic wands will be very helpful for cleaning hard-to-reach corners. In addition to that, you also get a nylon bag to store all of the accessories in.

Another thing that has caught my attention is Quantum X’s wet and dry hose. The suction power will remain the same regardless of how long you stretch the hose. While this may appear normal for some of you, it’s actually an advantage. The thing is, some vacuums tend to lose suction power when you extend the hose to a certain extent.


From what I can tell, the Quantum X is quite maneuverable. The vacuum’s head rotates 180 degrees, enabling you to conveniently clean any surface. It also includes an automated height adjustment mechanism.

To do so, simply press the button under the hose port to extend the telescopic head. There’s also a handle release just on top of the floorhead for better maneuverability.

In addition to that, Quantum X’s instruction manual is filled with everything you need to know regarding this wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

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6-Input Power

The power consumption of Quantum X is 7.0A (840W) for the American standard.

7-Suction Power

Unfortunately, I can’t tell the exact measurement of the Quantum X’s suction power as I couldn’t find it anywhere, not even on the company’s website.

As far as I can tell, though, this vacuum did a great job of getting rid of all kinds of dirt. In other words, this machine will simplify your everyday cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning carpets, you can be confident that the Quantum X won’t let you down. During the review, this vacuum performed amazingly well on hard surfaces as well as on a mid-pile rug.

Of course, unless the dirt is on the surface, you won’t be able to pull everything from a rug on the first pass. Therefore, going back and forth will be mandatory to ensure nothing is left behind.

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How Does it Perform Against Pet Hair?

As we all know, many homeowners have at least one pet that lives with them. And who says pets say fur and dander all around the house, right?

Even though many vacuums have trouble with pet hair, the Quantum X did surprisingly well. The suction power was strong enough to pull the embedded hair from a medium-pile carpet without any problems.

For Whom is the Quantum X Meant For?

The Quantum X is intended for use at home. The warranty will be voided if it is used for commercial purposes. But, even at home, I doubt everyone will be able to use it. Why? Because of its heavy weight.

As previously said, with the water container full, this vacuum weighs around 19 pounds, which is rather heavy, especially for the elderly.

Things You Need to Know About the Quantum X

-The Quantum X’s cord is detachable, but the unit doesn’t have a hook for it, unfortunately. So, you’re left with two options. You can either be creative and find a way to wrap it around the unit or take it off and store it with the accessories in the nylon bag.

-You can add fragrances to the water to make every space you clean smell lovely. Quantum also allows the use of homemade scents if you wish to reduce your living expenses. What’s great about this one is that using your home fragrance doesn’t void the warranty.

The only potential concern with homemade fragrances, though, is that they may discolor the water container. Some individuals have reported this problem when using essential oils as a fragrance.

-After each use, be sure to clean the water tank. Keep in mind that dirty water is a perfect environment for bacteria.

-To avoid plumbing issues, we strongly advise dumping the dirty water outside the house on a grassy area, for example.

-If the floorhead doesn’t light up, it means that the vacuum is almost in the upright holding position.

Things I Wish Were Different

-There are some areas where I wish things were different. First, it’s the weight. As I’ve mentioned above, 19 lbs for a vacuum cleaner is definitely heavy, especially for the elderly. You will not notice it when cleaning flat surfaces. However, when it comes to stairs, you’ll probably have a hard time.

-The plastic construction of the Quantum X didn’t feel outstanding. It’s definitely not cheap, but neither is it very robust.

-Another area that I personally didn’t like is the lack of a switch to turn off the brush roll. The problem is that the brush roll starts spinning as soon as you turn on the vacuum. And the only way to turn it off would be by putting the vac in the upright position.

-Lastly is the warranty’s limitations. According to Quantum, using the vacuum for commercial purposes or outside the house would void the warranty. In addition to that, the warranty doesn’t cover the brush roll and belts.

Does the Quantum X Worth the Money?

After going through all the pros and cons, it’s time to address the real question: Is Quantum X worth the money? Well, it did a great job of picking up all sorts of dirt, debris, cereals, pet hair, etc. It’s indeed a heavy unit, but this is what you should expect from a wet/dry vacuum.

To sum things up, what makes the Quantum X a worthwhile investment is its versatile use. In other words, it can be used for all sorts of everyday messes, both dry and wet. Additionally, while the plastic build lacks a premium feel, it can easily last for several years if cared for properly.

So, from my standpoint, I believe this vacuum is worth the price.

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This is where this review comes to its end. We hope you’ve learned something about Quantum X. And as you can see, this vacuum remains an excellent machine for cleaning up everyday messes despite its downsides. If you decide to pull the trigger on this vacuum, we would highly appreciate it if you could share your experience with us.

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  1. Hi! I read your Quantum X review and agree with all your points. I’ve had mine a year and still working well. Definitely heavy and I have a heck of a time carrying it upstairs. Cleaning stairs is a little cumbersome since you have to leave the unit at the bottom of the stairs and the hose isn’t that long, but with the extra hose tubes, it helps. The only two things: they do not include the deluxe attachments, the air driven turbo hand brush or floor squeegee, with purchase. Those cost about $80 more to add to order. Also I don’t see a handle release you referenced on the powerhead to help with maneuverability? But great and accurate review!!

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