How to Remove Wax From Carpet [9 Easy Tips with Great Results]

How to remove wax from carpet

Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, or a romantic dinner, candles own an essential place on the table. It adds a lovely ambiance to such moments and shows how important the other person is to you. Even though right now, I might sound like a relationship expert, it’s actually the opposite. However, there is one thing I am good at, which is bringing bad news, such as the dark side of candles.

It’s actually not that dark. Yet, putting candles in the wrong place can lead to wax all over your favorite carpet. You’d prefer to avoid having a hard time trying to figure out how to clean your own mess. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a special guide for you on how to remove wax from carpet that will impress you with its results.

1-How to Get Candle Wax Out of the Carpet?

1-Freeze the Candle Wax

When candle wax falls on your carpet, please do not rub it since it will spread across all the rug, making things even worse. Instead, we recommend filling a bag with ice cubes or taking an ice pack and placing it right above the spilled wax.

Placing a bag with ice cubs helps harden the spilled wax, which makes it easier to remove.

2-Scrape Off the Candle Wax

Take a dull object like a butter knife and try to scrape as much wax as possible. If you don’t have one available, make sure that the one you’re going to use isn’t sharp to avoid damaging your carpet or even cutting off its piles.

Once you start seeing loose particles, we recommend using a vacuum to take them off so you can identify which area requires more attention.

After you’ve scraped all the candle wax possible from the carpet, it’s time for you to go to the 3rd step.

3-Heat the Stain Using an Iron

Place a paper or terry cloth towel on top of the remaining wax and heat the area with an iron so the used towel can absorb the wax. To avoid burning your carpet, it is recommended you use the lowest heat setting and keep the iron in motion.

Don’t hesitate to reposition or replace your towel in case you notice that it’s filled with wax.

Remark: If your iron didn’t manage to melt the stained wax with the technique mentioned above, you can leave it for up to 10 seconds on the same spot, which should melt the wax and allow your towel to absorb it.

4-Clean the carpet

Once you’ve absorbed all the spilled wax, it’s time to clean your carpet with one of the commercial solutions. This latter should be chosen based on your carpet’s material.

Remark: After you’ve completed all the previous steps, don’t forget to pass your vacuum one more time to restore your carpet’s natural texture.

2-How to Get Candle Wax Out of the Carpet Without an Iron? 

If you don’t own an iron at home, don’t worry, it’s still not time for you to lose hope. Instead, you can use a hairdryer which should give you the same results.

Simply set your hairdryer to the lowest heat settings, place a paper towel over the stained area, and heat it until the paper absorbs all the wax.

In some cases where the amount of the spilled wax is considerable, you might need to repeat the process to ensure that your towel has absorbed all the residues.

3-How to Get Candle Wax Out of the Carpet Without Heat?

What about those who got no option to heat their carpet, are they left with a permanent candle wax stain? Don’t worry. We got you covered. The technique you’re about to discover below will allow you to get rid of the candle wax residues without the need for a heat appliance.

1-Freeze the Spilled Wax

Freeze the spilled wax with an ice pack or a bag packed with ice cubes by placing the bag over the affected area. You don’t want to moisten the stained area, so make sure there are no drops of water coming from the bag you’re using.

2-Scrape the Wax

Once the wax is hardened, use a butter knife to scrape off as much as you can. Repeat the process until no wax is left on your carpet’s fibers. After you’ve finished this step, vacuum your carpet to remove any loose particles.

3-Clean the Stained Area

If the stained wax is from a colorful candle, a cleaning solution such as rubbing alcohol will be required. Simply dampen a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently dab the stain until the color is gone. However, we do not recommend rubbing the solution on the carpet since it may harm the fibers.

4-Bottom Line

Was our guide on how to remove wax from carpet helpful for you? If yes, then please leave us a comment below, letting us know which tip has been the most effective for you.

If you have any questions in particular that you need help with, you can let us know below, and we will try to provide you with helpful information as quickly as possible.

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