How To Remove Nail Polish From a Carpet [8 Effective Tips]

How To Remove Nail Polish From a Carpet
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You prepared yourself for that important event you’ve been waiting for all this time. You ensure you are well-dressed, and looking amazing, so you can steal everyone’s attention. And it’s at this moment where you realize you messed up everything. You unintentionally spilled nail polish over your favorite carpet.

Trust me; I know how frustrating this problem can be, especially on your new or favorite carpet. The one thing you shouldn’t do in this situation is panic. I can tell you that a sloppy action meant to wipe the nail polish might aggravate the situation. That’s why we’ve prepared some amazing tips you can use for quick and amazing results.

Remark: Whatever approach you choose, always start by trying it in a hidden area of the carpet. If you get an undesirable result, move on to the next technique.

1-Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

If the spilled nail polish is still wet, we recommend acting as promptly as possible by taking out your nail polish remover (we hope you have one stored somewhere in your house).

To remove the polish, just soak a clean cloth or paper towel in the polish remover. Cover the discolored area with a towel so you can blot the nail polish excess. Then, gently and carefully rub the stained area with a clean cloth that has also been soaked in the remover. Do not go near the places where your nail polish did not smear.

After completing this procedure, rinse the discolored area with hot water and allow your carpet to dry. In some cases, you might smell the nail polish odor once the carpet is fully dried. In this case, we recommend washing your carpet once more to remove the odor.

Please keep in mind that this approach works best while the nail polish is still wet. If it’s completely dry, you might want to avoid this one and try one of the other tips mentioned below.

Remark: If the carpet you are looking to clean has a dark color, then we recommend skipping this technique. Instead, we advise using rubbing alcohol. On the other hand, if it’s a light carpet, then make sure the nail polish remover is non-acetone and dye-free.


Vinegar can also be effective in such a situation. And its utilization is also straightforward. Yet, some caution is required for the best result. Here is how to use it:

Wet the stained area thoroughly and cover it with a vinegar-soaked cloth. Allow it to sit for about 10 minutes before blotting and rubbing the stain. Again, we recommend being careful not to smear the surrounding areas.

3-Baking Soda

Another inexpensive solution that has proven its effectiveness in fighting stubborn stains is baking soda. Simply sprinkle baking soda on the entire stained area. Then pour in some ginger ale and let the mix sit for around 10-15 minutes. This technique should help to loosen the stain, making it much easier to clean.

After completing the first step, gently scrub the affected area until the stain is entirely removed. Then, rinse the area with water or a damp towel and allow the carpet to dry.

Despite its low cost, this technique is extremely effective. Therefore, acting sooner might save you a lot of headaches.

4-Why not a Hairspray?

Slightly wet the stained area with cold water. Avoid using too much water. Then, spray a good amount of hairspray onto the area you want to treat and scrub it using an old toothbrush or a small brush based on the size of the stained area.

When it’s done, rinse it with hot water and let it dry. This method is effective when the nail polish is completely dry. If it’s not the case, then we recommend using another method.

5-Maybe it’s time for a Rubbing Alcohol?

This tip is straightforward. Simply pour rubbing alcohol on the stained area. The amount you need to pour will be based on the size of the stained area. Then, gently scrub the stained area using a clean cloth.

If you start seeing some success when following this method, but you notice that the stain didn’t vanish completely, we recommend reapplying the same step to restore your carpet’s beauty.


Ammonia is also a fantastic way that you can rely on to dissolve spilled nail polish. However, before using it, there are some instructions you should follow. If you have an ammonia product based, then simply spray the stained area, and clean it off using a clean cloth.

On the other hand, if you got pure ammonia, we recommend diluting a tbsp into a cup of water, dipping a cloth in the solution, and scrubbing the stained area carefully using that piece of cloth.


We hope we have brought you the information you were looking for to bring back your carpet as it used to be. Feel free to share with us your thoughts regarding these tips. You can also let us know your own tactics on cleaning a carpet from nail polish.

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