How to Remove Bleach Stains from Carpet

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Bleach is one of the most frequently used products for cleaning surfaces, sanitizing the home, and even removing mold and mildew. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen throughout the cleaning process, such as spilling bleach on your new beautiful carpet. Can’t be worse than that to start your day, right? Fortunately, we have some methods that you can use to restore your carpet’s beauty without any problems.

When such a situation occurs, we advise you to remain calm and, most importantly, not overreact. This could appear like you’ve ruined everything, but in fact, it’s just a little mishap that can be quickly fixed by following one of the techniques listed below, of course!!

1-Take action immediately

This might sound obvious, but acting quickly can save you a lot of time and headache. Simply take a paper towel, sponge, or cloth. And with the help of water, try to blot the bleach that is on the carpet. However, we highly recommend avoiding scrubbing the stained area as it will just make things worse.

This approach should take off a significant amount of bleach from the carpet, making the next steps faster, easier, and more efficient.

2-Cleaning with Dish soap

The time for the annoying bleach stain has come to its end. And its destroyer will be your dish soap. Mix 1/4 teaspoon mild dish soap in a cup of warm water Pour the solution into the stained area after thoroughly blending it.

Leave the solution to act for no longer than 5 minutes. Then, using a sponge or clean cloth, gently wipe it until the stain begins to fade. After that, wash the discolored area with cold water and allow it to dry.


You can always count on the popular white vinegar to do the cleaning task for you. Just prepare the solution properly, and let the rest for this amazing ingredient.

Mix a quarter cup of white vinegar with a cup of water, and blend the solution very well. Then, blot the affected area with a sponge or a dry cloth after pouring the latter over it. If the initial application didn’t succeed in removing the bleach stain, you could repeat this technique.

If, on the other hand, you see that you are up against a stubborn stain that has resisted this remedy, it is time to modify the rules of the game. Instead of a quarter cup of vinegar, we recommend raising the ratio to 1:2.

Furthermore, the acidity levels of white vinegar and cleaning vinegar differ. As a result, the amount you should use will be determined by the acidity level of the vinegar you own. Cleaning vinegar, for example, has a 6% acidity level, whilst white vinegar has a 5% acidity level.

As a result, cleaning vinegar is 20% stronger than white vinegar simply because of the 1% acidity. Therefore, you should respect the quantity of vinegar mixed in water in order to avoid damaging your carpet.

Remark: Do not pour vinegar directly into the stain since it will just do more harm than good. Actually, it can ruin your carpet’s fibers. Therefore, we do not recommend doing it.

4-May be it’s time for a professional cleaning

Don’t push yourself if you don’t feel confident enough to do this work on your own, especially when you haven’t done it before, or you are afraid of damaging your carpet. Instead, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning service, particularly if the carpet is also filthy.

Doing so will allow you to restore your carpet’s beauty without worrying about damaging it. And if you can spend the day with them, you could learn one or two effective cleaning methods that you might apply in the future.

5-Things that you need to know before cleaning your carpet?

Unfortunately, you can’t just choose a method and start cleaning your carpet since it may do more harm than good. Carpets composed of silk, wool, or natural fibers cannot withstand high levels of acidity, such as vinegar.

As a result, before deciding on a cleaning procedure, you must first determine the material of your carpet.

6-Frequently asked questions

1-How to restore my carpet’s color after a bleach stain?

There are several approaches you may use to restore the carpet’s color. And the most efficient method, in our opinion, is to pick a nice crayon that matches the color of your carpet.

The same thing that can be done with a crayon can also be achieved with hair dye.

2-Will OxiClean bleach my carpet?

It’s not recommended to use OxiClean to remove the stains since it can bleach your carpet.

3-Does vinegar discolor carpet?

Wool, silk, and other natural fiber carpets cannot withstand the strong acidity of vinegar. In other words, using vinegar to clean this type of carpet would harm its fibers or may completely ruin it.


Here is where our lovely guide comes to its end. Don’t forget to leave us a comment please share with us your preferred tactic on how to remove bleach stains from the carpet. And if you liked this piece of information, you can help your friend and family members by kindly sharing this article on social media.

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