How to Remove Baking Soda from Carpet Like a Pro

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Carpets add a luxury touch to your house and a warm sensation underfoot. And the best way to return the favor is with regular cleaning. While there are plenty of products designed to clean carpets, many of us prefer using household cleaners; baking soda more specifically.

Unlike other surfaces, using baking soda on rugs will do more harm than good. Baking soda is a fine powder that can quickly permeate carpets, making removal a nightmare. And what complicates things even more is the fact that it’s not advised to vacuum this ingredient.

Obviously, our job is not to scare you but rather to provide solutions. In this article, you’ll find different cleaning approaches that will teach you how to remove the baking soda from carpets like an expert.

How to Clean Up Baking Soda From a Carpet Without a Vacuum

1-Broom & Dustpan

Most of you have probably already used this method. But if you didn’t, you should give it a try. All you need is your regular broom and dustpan.

You need a broom with stiff bristles to loosen the baking soda from your carpet’s fibers. Also, if the affected area is too large, it would be best to have a dustpan with a handle to avoid bending.

I know that the whole process is tiring, but at least you’ll be able to get most of the baking soda without having to use a machine.

Once you’ve removed all the baking soda possible, it’s time to move to one of the two approaches mentioned below.

2-Carpet and Rug Beater

Rug beating is a method that has been around for quite some time now, and it’s still useful to this day. If possible, take your rug outside and hang it over a clothesline or porch railing.

After that, using a Carpet and Rug beater, work your way out from the top all the way to the bottom.

Also, make sure to beat both sides of the carpet. I know that it’s an exhausting approach, but I can assure you that it’s as effective as a vacuum cleaner.

For those who don’t have this tool, you can purchase Carpet and Rug Beater from Amazon.

3-Duct Tape

Aside from attaching objects, you can also use duct tape to remove the baking soda from your rug. While this procedure may not be effective on long-pile carpets, it works great for low to medium-pile rugs.

Cut a piece of duct tape. Hold it from both ends and apply it over the affected area. To get to the very bottom of your carpet, you’ll need to exert some pressure.

As you’d expect, duct tape will leave adhesive residue on your carpet. And you’ve got no other option other than to clean it off.

With that being said, in a bowl, combine equal parts of white vinegar with water. Dip a cloth into the solution, wring the excess and rub the adhesive residue.

If you clean up the sticky spots right away after putting duct tape on the carpet, they will be easy to remove.

How to Remove Dried Baking Soda from a Carpet

1-Broom & Brush

The process of removing dried baking soda from a carpet is similar to other approaches. Scrub the baking soda with a brush to break up the pieces. Then, using a broom, sweep the baking soda out of your carpet.

If the broom turns out to be ineffective against the embedded baking soda, we recommend using the duct tape or the carpet and rug beater method we mentioned above.

2-Wet/Dry Vacuum

A wet/dry vacuum is another great way to remove the dried baking soda. If you have one, moisten the baking soda area and suck away the moisture. The vacuum will pull both the liquid and the baking soda out of your carpet.

You may need to repeat this operation a few more times. But I can assure you it’s worthwhile given its high success rate.

Is it Safe to Remove Baking Soda from Carpet Using a Vacuum Cleaner?

The best way to send your vacuum to early retirement is by vacuuming fine powders like baking soda. And unless you’ve got a vacuum with water filtration, you should leave your vacuum in the storage room.

The thing is, since baking soda has a minuscule size, it can clog the vacuum bag or its filter, causing damage to the motor in the long run.

Furthermore, even with a HEPA filter, if you vacuum up a lot of baking soda, some of it will leak into the air, posing a health risk for you and your family. So, how do you approach it with a machine?

How to Remove Baking Soda From Carpet Using a Machine

1-Shop Vacuum

All right, I know that you’ve all been waiting for the moment when I will show you how to remove the baking soda from a carpet using a machine. Well, here it’s!

Renting a shop vacuum is your best chance to remove the baking soda from your carpet using a machine. It will not only pull everything buried inside but also help you avoid damaging your household vacuum.

The way you should use the shop vacuum will be the same as you’d do with your regular vacuum. Simply place the vacuum nozzle over the affected area of your carpet and let it suck up everything.

2-Vacuum Cleaner

If I were in your shoes, I’d keep this approach as a last resort. I’d go for it when nothing else works. However, before you begin, make sure the amount of baking soda you’re going to vacuum is minimal.

If that’s not the case, try one of the above methods.

Once you’re sure, there’s nothing to pick up manually, here is what you should do next. Take your vacuum and set it to its maximum suction power.

Put the vacuum carpet head over the baking soda area, and keep vacuuming until all the powder is gone.

Remember that no vacuum can thoroughly clean your carpet on the first pass. As a result, we highly recommend going back and forth to make sure nothing is left behind.

When you’re done, be sure to clean your vacuum thoroughly. This includes the vacuum head as well as the filter.

Remark: You may want to set the suction power at its medium settings when vacuuming premium soft rugs or carpets with long piles.


By now, I suppose you’ve already realized that you should steer clear of using baking soda on carpets.

When using it on a rug, you’ll indeed be able to absorb the odor or get rid of a stain, but you’ll have to remove the baking soda, which is a challenging task.

With that said, we hope the approaches mentioned in this article were practical. Don’t forget to leave us a comment sharing with us your experience regarding cleaning carpets with baking soda.

If you decide to apply one of the techniques mentioned earlier, we’d appreciate it if you could let us know which one you chose and what result you got from it.

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