How to Make a Dull Acrylic Bathtub Shine [In No Time]

How to Make a Dull Acrylic Bathtub Shine
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After a tough day at work, nothing soothes the aches and pains like a hot shower. It’s the best thing you can do for your body to recover all the lost energy. However, it’s at that exact moment when you realize that your acrylic bathtub isn’t looking its best. It has become dull!!

Trust me. I know how you feel since I have already been in your shoes. And to help you solve the problem, I’ve put together a few cleaning tips and tricks that will assist you in making your acrylic bathtub shine again. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1-Regular cleaning

Most of you already know the first step yet tend to neglect it. The secret formula for keeping your acrylic bathtub looking its best is regular cleaning. I know that it can get tiresome over time, especially when working on a job that drains all your energy. However, it’s a price you must pay in exchange for a shiny acrylic bathtub.

Most professionals recommend cleaning acrylic bathtubs once a week. We recommend scheduling this procedure on a day when you know you will be free and motivated, as this will impact your cleaning performance.

For those with a busy schedule, cleaning your bathtub every two weeks can prevent it from getting dull. However, you cannot extend this period since the dirt accumulated over time can damage your acrylic bathtub.

I know that it may sound scary, but an acrylic bathtub can easily be stained, stretched, or even damaged if the proper maintenance isn’t followed. And trust me, you don’t want your acrylic bathtub to be stretched as it will impact its look and, thus, your shower will lose its touch of elegance.

2-How to clean an acrylic bathtub

Now that I know I have your full attention, you may be wondering what the most effective and straightforward approach is to get fantastic results. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

It’s not as tough as it seems to clean your acrylic bathtub. It’s actually relatively simple. All you’ll need are some household products. You guessed it right, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice can all do the job.

These low-cost ingredients are your savior in this situation. Here’s how to put them to use.


Despite being really inexpensive, combining vinegar with water can produce miraculous results. Simply mix a small amount of vinegar with lukewarm water in a spray bottle, apply the solution to the treated area, wait a few minutes, then wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

This step may need to be repeated depending on how dull your acrylic bathtub is. If you feel that this solution isn’t powerful enough to restore your acrylic bathtub’s original appeal, here is what you should do:

In the same spray bottle, mix equal parts of vinegar with water (1:1 ratio). Then, proceed the same as you’d in the initial step.

However, with such a high concentration of vinegar, we do not recommend leaving the solution on for longer than five minutes. Allowing this solution to sit for a long period of time may cause irreversible damage, which you do not want to happen.


Lemon, like vinegar, is a great household cleaner. Here’s how to put it to use:

Squeeze half a lemon into the affected area while rubbing it with a microfiber cloth. Then, rinse your whole bathtub and enjoy its shine again.

What’s cool about lemon is that it not only removes all of the filth and grime that has accumulated on your acrylic bathtub, but it also improves the smell of your shower.

3-Baking Soda

For those who want to clean their acrylic bathtub using solely economical methods, here is one that will wow you with its results—baking soda.

This ingredient is simple to use, effective, and inexpensive. And on top of that, it’s available in almost every home.

Wet your acrylic bathtub, then sprinkle enough baking soda to coat the whole affected area. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes, then dampen a microfiber cloth in lukewarm water and wipe the entire baking soda-covered surface.

Remark: It is essential to clean your acrylic bathtub while the baking soda is moist since it will be way easier and simpler to remove.

4-Bleach & water

If the methods listed above did not pique your interest or were ineffective for your dull acrylic bathtub, why not try combining bleach with water? This approach is also highly effective and may quickly provide the desired results.

In a bucket, mix a gallon of water with 2 cups of bleach. Then, immerse a non-abrasive sponge in the solution and gently rub the treated area. After that, rinse your acrylic bathtub with hot water, and you’re done. Your bathtub should be sparkling by now.


We hope that our guide on how to make a dull acrylic bathtub shine was helpful for you. If you liked it, feel free to leave us a comment below, sharing with us your opinion about these tips and which one you have had the most success with.

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