How to Make a Bath Mat Stick [3 Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier]

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A bath mat that refuses to stay put is one of the most annoying things that homeowners may face. It feels like an endless battle, particularly when all of your attempts are futile. And what complicates things even more, is the fact that unstable mats can pose a safety hazard. How’s that? Well, it’s easy to slip on an unsecured rug, which can lead to serious injuries.

To help you solve this problem, we’ve put together a list of tried-and-true tricks that will assist you in keeping your bath mat securely in place. Excited? Let’s not waste time and go straight to work.

The Perfect Ways to Make Your Bath Mat Stick

1-The First Magic Trick: Water

Let’s start with something easy that doesn’t cost anything other than a little effort on your part. If you have a mat with suction cups, here’s what I recommend doing.

First, wet both the surface where you want to put the bath mat and the underside of the mat itself.

Then, place the rug and press it down in different spots with your foot until it grips the surface. If you don’t feel comfortable pushing it this way, use both hands to press it firmly. This approach has actually solved my issue with my bath mat.

If you didn’t have any luck with this method, don’t worry, it’s still too early to give up. I still have a bonus tip for you.

Fill a sink with hot water and immerse the rug in it, ensuring all suction cups are submerged. Then use one of the two methods above to secure your bath mat.

Some of you are probably wondering why you need hot water to keep your bath mat to stay put. Simply said, hot water will help soften the mat’s suction cups, making them more pliable.

However, before using this method, make sure your bath mat can withstand hot water.

Remark: If you’re trying to secure a mat in a bathtub, I highly recommend standing outside the tub and using only one foot to press your bath mat down. This will help you avoid any slipping accidents. Also, don’t forget to check the mat’s suction secureness before stepping in it.

2-Shelf Liner: The Most Frugal Option

Another method for securing a bath mat that you may not have heard of is by using a shelf liner. It’s a low-cost option that will save you a lot of headaches. Here’s how to properly use it:

Cut a piece of shelf liner that is smaller than your bath mat so that it doesn’t show up underneath the rug. Then, lay it over where you want to put your mat. That’s all you have to do.

If you’d like to choose this approach, I highly recommend purchasing a Clorox antimicrobial protection shelf liner. The latter prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, it’s an ideal option for a humid area such as a bathroom.

3-What about Velcro?

Hook-and-loop systems, which most of you know as “Velcro,” are one of the most common and easiest ways to keep things in place.

Get a Velcro pack that comes in small strips, so you don’t have to cut them manually. Peel off one of the strips, and stick the loop side to the underside of your bath mat.

Then, put the side with the hook over the side with the loop that is already on your mat. Rep this step for each corner of your rug.

Once you place your mat on the intended spot, the adhesive on the hook strip will adhere to the surface and keep it in place. Make sure to pull your rug tight while setting it down to avoid wrinkles.

If you have a large bath mat, don’t hesitate to use the Velcro strips in the center well.

For those unfamiliar with Velcro, the hook side has a rough, scratchy surface, and the loop side has a soft, fuzzy texture.

Velcro adhesive requires a smooth surface to stick well. Yet, you can still use it to keep your rug in place if you have a lightly textured surface.

However, for pebbly texture bathtubs, I’m afraid the Velcro will not stick properly. And as a result, your rug will still be unstable.


Here is where this article comes to its end. We hope you learned something new from the tips above. Just make sure your bath mat is completely secure before stepping on it.

Did you figure out a new way to keep your bath mat in place? Then why not share it in the comments section below so that more people can get the same results as you?

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