How To Get Hair Glue Out Of Carpet [The Ultimate Guide]

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Regardless of the event we’re looking to attend, we all ensure that we look great before leaving the house. While there are plenty of ways to steal everyone’s attention, the best one is to keep up with the current hairdo trends. And if you’re up-to-date with the latest styles, then you probably use hair glue more regularly.

Hair glue is necessary whether you wish to wear a wig or use a hair extension. However, despite its essential role in providing you with the latest touch of elegance you need, it’s pretty challenging to remove when spilled into the carpet.

The worst part of the hair glue is it doesn’t only affect the carpet’s beauty, but it also gets difficult to remove when left for a long period of time. Fortunately, there are some products you can use to remove hair glue from the carpet, which we’re going to mention below.

I-How to Get Hair Glue Out of Carpet

1-White Vinegar

Give white vinegar a try before you start mixing complex solutions or using expensive commercials. It’s inexpensive, powerful, and available in almost every house. Besides, vinegar is one of the most effective cleaning agents for removing glue, including hair glue.

First, wet a towel in white vinegar and blot the glue stain. Continue using this procedure if you notice that the spot is progressively dissolving. If nothing happens, though, you can pour vinegar straight on the stain.

Allow the white vinegar solution to act for 5-15 minutes (based on how old the hair glue stain is). Then, using another clean, dry towel, dry the spot. The hair glue should have been gone by now.

When the area has completely dried, try to check its state. If you feel there is still some hair glue left on your carpet, follow the same steps as before.

2-Baby Oil

When it comes to cleaning surfaces and stains, baby oil can sometimes work like magic. To use it to remove hair glue from the carpet, either apply a small quantity directly on the stain or pour some on a towel, then dab the stain. However, you’ll need to dab the glue until it’s completely soaked. Next, using a towel, wipe it away.

Wiping the stain and baby oil away with a cloth will obviously leave oil residue behind, which is why you’ll need a towel and warm water. Dip the towel or cloth into a bowl of warm water, then clean the affected area to eliminate any residue from the initial treatment.

Remark: avoid soaking the area with too much water so it doesn’t take too long to dry.

3-Nail Polish Remover

That’s right. You read it well. Nail polish remover can do the trick as well. All you have to do is soak a clean cloth or cotton ball in the nail polish remover and gently dab the spot.

Leave the product for a while to tackle the glue before removing it. After that, just take another dry cloth and wipe the affected spot.

Remark: The same technique can be used with acetone.

4-Rubbing Alcohol

If you have some rubbing alcohol sitting around, then it’s time to use it. This product is amazing when it comes to removing stains. And the cool thing about it is it doesn’t harm the carpet’s fibers.

Simply dab the affected area with a towel dipped in rubbing alcohol, then gently blot the hair glue spot. Once the glue has been well saturated with the product, let it sit for 5 minutes before removing it. Rubbing alcohol will soften the glue stain and its sticky residues, allowing it to be easily removed.

Because rubbing alcohol dries quickly, you don’t need to rinse the treated spot. It also leaves no trace or odor behind.

II-When do You Need Professional Help?

Usually, the methods described above are highly efficient in removing hair glue from the carpet. But in some instances, you might not be able to successfully remove it for whatever reason. So, what should you do in such a situation?

If the carpet is new and in good condition, we recommend hiring a professional to clean the hair glue. I understand that this one appears to be costly since most companies charge a substantial amount of money. However, you’ll at least be able to restore your carpet’s attractiveness.

We strongly advise against using unfamiliar products or solutions since they can harm your carpet. I know that it’s tempting to clean the rug alone to reduce your living expenses. Yet, if you’re unsure about what you’re going to do, then don’t do it.

Lastly, regardless of the technique you want to use, always test it on an inconspicuous area of your carpet first.

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