How to Clean Oil off the Floor With Household Products

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You found the perfect recipe on the internet, you want to give it a shot and impress your family members with your cooking skills, and during that moment of excitement, you drop the bottle of cooking oil. Things like that happen all the time. Oil covering the floor is indeed an annoying problem, yet it’s not a big deal and can be tackled in several ways that we are going to reveal below.

However, during such an incident, we highly recommend you stay calm. Remember that an oily floor is a safety hazard, and if you step in without taking the right precautions, you expose yourself to some serious injuries.

Now that we’ve got your attention, here are our recommended tips for cleaning all types of oils off the floor, including the cooking ones.

1-How to Absorb Oil off the Floor

1-Salt & Baking Soda

The two finest natural, low-cost methods for absorbing spilled oil are salt and baking soda. Simply sprinkle a large amount of salt or baking soda on the oil-covered surface. Allow a few minutes for the product of choice to blot the oil. Then, either vacuum or sweep the entire area to remove the powder.

This technique should take off most of the spilled oil, leaving you with its residue, which we are going to tell you how to remove below.

2-Granular powders & Cornstarch

Just like salt and baking soda, you can use granular powders or cornstarch to absorb the spilled oil. Simply sprinkle one of these products over the entire spilled area and allow it to sit for a few minutes to absorb all of the oil.

3-Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is a widely used product that is well-known for its absorption properties. Since kitty litter is made of a highly absorbent clay called sodium bentonite, it can absorb up to 40 times its weight, making it an excellent agent for absorbing all types of oils.

2-How to clean oil from the floor

Once you’ve absorbed all the oil over the floor using one of the techniques mentioned above, or with a paper towel, sponge, or absorbing sheets, you need to take off all the stains left by the spilled oil.

In order to tackle these stains, you’ll need to mix a drop of dish soap with a bowl of water. Then, slightly dip a soft brush into the solution and rub the stain.

When you see that the stain has entirely disappeared, dry the area with a dry cloth. This procedure may be used several times to restore the attractiveness of your fantastic floor.

Alternatively, you can make a solution using one part baking soda, two parts warm water, and one part lemon juice. Spray the solution on the stained area and rub it in well. If the stain resisted the initial application, rinse and repeat the process.

We strongly advise you to pay close attention when cleaning the oil from your floor. Your floor is slippery at such time, and if you don’t watch your steps, you might incur serious injuries.

3-How to Clean Different Types of Floors With Spilled Oil

1-How do You Clean Oil off Concrete Floor

After removing the extra oil with one of the ways listed above, we recommend using powdered laundry detergent combined with water to dissolve the oil stain. For optimal results, rinse with warm water and repeat the process.

If you don’t have powdered laundry detergent on hand, we recommend baking soda as the perfect alternative.

2-How do you clean oil off the wood floor?

When it comes to wood flooring, we recommend leaving the absorption agent on for at least an hour to soak up any spilled oil. Then, using a vacuum or a broom, remove the powder from your wood floor.

Finally, use a moist cloth to wipe your floor and a rag or another dry cloth to dry it.

Remark: The same method can be applied to clean a vinyl floor.

3-How to clean oil off tiles

Cleaning oil off tiles is similar to cleaning oil off the other flooring described above. Simply combine dish soap and warm water, then dip a sponge into the solution and apply it to the oil stain. We recommend letting the mixture for a few minutes to dissolve the stain and make it simpler to remove.

If the initial treatment did not restore the shine of your lovely tile, you could repeat the process.

4-Frequently Asked Questions

1-What Home Remedy Removes Oil from Floor?

Baking soda and vinegar are excellent home remedies for removing oil from the floor. Baking soda is an ideal solution for absorbing spilled oil, while vinegar removes those sticky and unsightly stains.

2-Does WD 40 Remove Oil Stains from Concrete?

Yes, WD 40 can be very effective in removing oil stains from concrete.

3-Does Vinegar Remove Oil Stains from Concrete?

If you want to use a natural substance to remove oil from concrete, we highly recommend vinegar.

4-How to Remove Olive Oil From the Floor?

Cleaning olive oil from the floor is as simple as other types of oils. Simply mix 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of hot water with 2 tbsp of dish soap and one cup of white vinegar. Mix the solution well and with a clean cloth, try to take off the olive oil stain using a circular motion.


So, these were our best tips that we believe are the perfect solution for cleaning the oil off the floor. If you think we have missed a tip or more, please let us know in the comment section below.

You can also share with us the most effective tactic you used to take off the oil out of your floor.

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