How to Clean Non-Slip Bathtub Strips & Their Adhesive [5 Amazing Hacks]

How to Clean Non-Slip Bathtub Strips

The combination of moisture, soap, and other cleaning products results in a slippery bathtub base. It’s, though, the reason why many of us rely on non-slip bathtub strips to prevent slide accidents. However, the stripes tend to get dirty over time, which can affect the bathtub’s attractiveness.

Cleaning the non-slip bathtub strips isn’t anyone’s favorite task as it requires bending down and a lot of elbow grease. Nonetheless, there are a few approaches that can restore the strips’ original appeal in a few minutes. The great thing about these techniques is they’re easy to use and safe for almost all types of bathtubs.

Without further ado, let’s walk you through the steps required to clean the non-slip bathtub strips and their adhesive.

I-How to Clean Non-Slip Bathtub Strips

1-Bar Friend keepers

Bar Friend Keepers is the way to go when it comes to cleaning your non-slip bathtub strips. It’s easy to use and produces excellent results.

Simply sprinkle the cleaner over the soiled strips and gently scrub them. Avoid cleaning the strips from the edge since this might cause them to peel off. You should also stay away from vigorous cleaning as it can harm the strips’ surface.

Lastly, rinse your bathtub with water, and you’re done. Your bathtub’s stripes should now be spotless.

2-Magic Eraser

People say that Magic Eraser does what it says on the tin! Well, you’re about to know whether this statement is true or not.

First, dampen the strips’ surface. After that, moisten the sponges and start scrubbing gently. Then, rinse your entire bathroom with water. If you have many strips, you’ll need more than one sponge to wipe everything thoroughly.

3-Soft Scrub

Take a new clean sponge and moisten it. Then apply to this latter some Soft Scrub and gently scrub the stained strips. Once you finish, rinse your bathtub’s strips and enjoy their original appeal once again.

Remark: Soft Scrub is an excellent product for removing soap scum, hard water stains, limescale, and so on.

II-How to Remove Non-Slip Strips From Your Bathtub

If the strips are old or have tenacious stains that refuse to come off, you’ll have no choice except to replace them. It is pretty simple to remove the non-slip strips from your bathtub. Still, you should avoid applying excessive force to prevent ruining the tub’s finish.

What we recommend using is either white vinegar or olive oil. Apply one of these two products to a rag, and rub the strip and surrounding area. If possible, try to peel one side of the strip to allow the product of your choice to break the adhesive.

Next, using a plastic scraper, try to scrape the strips without exerting any pressure. Also, avoid using a razor blade or any metal blade as it can scratch your bathtub.

After you’ve removed all the strips, you’ll most likely have some adhesive residue on your bathtub. These stains are easy to get rid of when using the approaches mentioned below.

III-How to Clean Non-Slip Bathtub Strips’ Adhesive

1-Magic Eraser

As with cleaning the non-slip strips, Magic Eraser is also an excellent choice for removing the strips’ adhesive from your bathtub.

Simply wet your bathtub, dampen the sponge, and scrub the stains. Finally, rinse everything with water, and that’s it.

2-Bar Friend Keepers

If you don’t have Magic Eraser on hand, you can use Bar Friend Keeper to do the job. Besides, its application is identical to the one stated before.

However, the only thing to keep in mind is that excessive use of this product on porcelain tubs is more likely to cause discoloration.

3-Goo Gone

I know I might have scared you about the adverse effects of Bar Friend Keepers on porcelains bathtubs. And to express my apologies, I’d like to introduce you to a safe cleaning product, Goo Gone.

Goo Gone is a powerful substance for removing different types of stains, glue, and adhesives. It’s thus a fantastic option for eliminating the strips’ leftover adhesive residue from your bathtub.

Apply the product to the stained area and let it sit for a few minutes before cleaning it away with a towel. After that, just rinse your bathtub with water, and you’re done.

You can use rubbing alcohol as an alternative solution to Goo Gone. However, rubbing alcohol is a less effective option than Goo Gone. In other words, you might need to repeat the cleaning procedure using this product multiple times to get the desired result.

4-Mineral Oil

Apply two to three drops of mineral oil on the remaining adhesive in your bathtub. Leave the product to sit for around 5 minutes before wiping it off with a rag.

Lastly, rinse your bathtub to get rid of mineral oil and adhesive, and that’s it. Your bathtub should be sparkling once again.


All the products listed above are safe to use for almost all types of bathtubs. Yet, the only thing we recommend is to avoid scrubbing hard when cleaning your non-slipping bathtub strips. Using too much elbow grease can ruin your bathtub’s finish.

We hope you found the information you were searching for in this article. Don’t forget to provide us feedback on how effective the techniques were for you. And if you discovered a helpful trick throughout your cleaning process, please share it below so that others may have the same success as you.

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