How to Clean Kitty Litter from Floor In Under 5 Minutes

Clean Kitty Litter from Floor

Despite being friendly pets, cats often leave a whole mess of kitty litter on the floor every time they give a visit to the litter box. And in order to keep your floor looking beautiful and your home a healthier environment, you need to clean the thrown kitty litter on a daily basis.

However, every once in a while, you might come across kitty litter in every corner of your house. And trust me, I understand how frustrating this situation can be, especially when you’re swamped with your daily cleaning chore.

That’s why we have made a special guide for you that covers some fantastic tips that will allow you to clean kitty litter and prevent it from scattering everywhere.

I-How to Clean Kitty Litter from Floor


A vacuum cleaner is what you should resort to when you’re confronted with such a situation. All you have to do is to vacuum all the litter that you come across.

To prevent kitty litter from spreading everywhere, you should vacuum the kitty litter box’s surrounding area regularly since your cat is more likely to fling some litter outside the box every time he goes to make his “business”.

2-Broom & Dust Pan

Place a broom and a dustpan next to the kitty litter box and try to clean the thrown litter every day if possible, to prevent it from spreading.

This technique is as effective as a vacuum cleaner and an excellent alternative solution for those who don’t have access to a vacuum at home or prefer to do this sort of chore more conventionally.

3-Cat Mat

Investing in a litter mat is another practical approach to make cleaning kitty litter a breeze and less time-consuming. A cat litter mat also prevents bacteria from spreading, which makes it worth the investment. However, before you take out your credit card and get the first mat you come across, we’d like to tell you something.

There’s no such cat mat that can catch everything. Therefore, you’re still likely to find some kitty litter somewhere else despite you having a cat mat installed around the litter box. Yet, a cat mat is still better than a bare floor.

II-How to Clean Kitty Litter Stain From Hardwood Floor


Scrubbing your hardwood floor while there is litter on it is not recommended since it might scratch it. Instead, grab a vacuum with a hose attachment and try to suction everything out of your floor.

Cat litter can sometimes appear as a white stain when it manages to get into wood grains. Thus, to get rid of the litter in this case, simply point your vacuum over the affected area and leave it vacuuming for some time.

2-Hydrogen Peroxide

If, on the other hand, your hardwood floor has been stained by cat litter, here’s what you should do.

Make a solution based on hydrogen peroxide and water. Dip a clean cloth in the mixture and use it to gently scrub the stain away until it’s completely gone.

After that, rinse the treated area well and provide enough air to speed the drying process.

PS: You might need to repeat this operation in case the initial application didn’t manage to restore your floor’s beauty.

3-White Vinegar

If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide on hand, you can prepare a solution using white vinegar and warm water in a 1:1 ratio. Dip a clean cloth into the mixture and proceed as you would with hydrogen peroxide.

Remark: Do not use vinegar on any other acidic substance on a hardwood floor as it can damage your floor’s finish.

III-The Reason Why Your Cat Throw Kitty Litter on Your Floor

According to cat experts, a litter box should be filled with 2 to 3 inches of kitty litter at maximum. When this quantity is exceeded, the cat is more likely to throw part of the litter on your floor.

In addition to that, litter can be easily flung onto the floor if the sides of the box are too small. Therefore, you should take this into consideration when looking to purchase a litter box.


In a nutshell, cleaning your kitty litter on a regular basis is the most effective approach to keep it from spreading across your house. Also, if you don’t already have a vacuum cleaner, we strongly advise you to get one since it will make your life a lot easier.

We hope the information provided above helped you remove cat litter from your floor. We would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment below sharing your experience with cat litter as well as how practical the tips were for you.

You can also share your favorite kitty litter that is good for your cat, wallet and easier to clean since some litters are worse than others. And if you want to be ready to tackle anything that falls into your floor, then we recommend reading our guide on how to clean oil off your lovely floor. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the information shared in that article.

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