How to Clean Dog Urine From a Wool Rug [5 Simple Tips]

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Your lovely dog, like the rest of the family, makes mistakes from time to time. And despite how well-trained it’s, accidents happen where you find yourself dealing with your dog’s urine. The problem in this situation is when the urine is found on your wool rug. It’s indeed a mess that you need to deal with quickly to save your beautiful rug. Yet, you can’t go ahead and use any product you’ve on hand just for the sake of saving your wool rug. So, what should you do in this case?

In this article, we try to address every effective solution that we believe will give you the desired results without too much work. Most of these tips are inexpensive and available in every house.

1-How to Absorb Dog Urine from Wool Rug

Paper towel

To absorb as much urine as possible, lay a paper towel over the affected area. You don’t want to spread the urine all over the rug, so don’t press the towel too firmly. Once your towel is saturated with your dog’s urine, replace it with another one until no moisture is left on your rug.

You can also use a wet vacuum to remove the moisture. Simply vacuum the soiled area to remove your dog’s urine.

Remark: To avoid spreading the urine, we recommend starting from the outside of the stain and working your way in.

2-How to Clean Dog Urine from Wool Rug

1-Vinegar & Liquid Washing Detergent

In a bowl, combine 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/2 liquid dishwashing detergent, and 2 cups warm water. Using a sponge, apply the mixture to the affected area and gently clean it. Scrubbing the spot in large circles will spread the mixture all over, so don’t do that.

After that, apply cold water to the stained area and blot it well. Allow the rug to dry, and this should be enough to remove the dog’s urine from your wool rug.

2-Vinegar & Baking Soda

Mix warm water and vinegar 50/50, and then add a few teaspoons of baking soda based on the amount of solution you prepared.

Apply the mixture to the affected area and leave it to sit for around 10 minutes. Then, using a soft and clean towel, soak off the moisture.

3-Vinegar & Water

Prepare a mixture by adding one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar to each cup of water. Dampen the affected area with the solution and place a paper towel over it. If necessary, use multiple paper towels to absorb all the moisture before allowing the rug to dry.

Remark: It is recommended you use the desired step at an inconspicuous place to avoid damaging the color of your rug’s fibers.

3-How to Neutralize Dog Urine Odor and the Yellow Stain from a Wool Rug

What’s great about this method is that it’s all-inclusive. In other words, using this technique will allow you to remove the dog’s urine, as well as the odor and yellow stains. On top of that, despite its effectiveness, it does not need a lot of labor nor pricey items. This is how the approach works.:

Based on the size of the stain, pour Woolite detergent over the stained area, then rinse with water. After that, use a good enzyme detergent and let it sit for around 30 minutes. Then, rinse your wool rug one more with cold water.

This technique should be more than enough to take off all the urine out of your wool rug. However, it’s not the one responsible for removing the yellow circle. It’s actually 3% Hydrogen Peroxide’s job. And here is how to address that ugly yellow stain.

Simply spray the discolored area with the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. The amount of product you should spray is determined by the size of the affected spot. After that, leave your carpet to dry. Don’t forget to rinse your carpet once more to make sure that no hydrogen peroxide is left on your carpet.

In some cases, you might need to repeat this technique one or two more times to take off the yellow spot.


We hope we’ve brought you the information you were looking for regarding how to clean dog urine from a wool rug. If you had some success with one of the tips mentioned above and which we believe you will have, you could leave us a comment below sharing with us the result you got.

And if you want to acquire more knowledge regarding how to clean your rug as quickly as possible, we suggest looking at our recent guide on cleaning carpet from nail polish.

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