6 Best Approaches For a Fresh and Clean Carpet

best approaches for a fresh and clean carpet

Cleaning the carpet regularly is a good habit that all homeowners should adopt. It’s an unavoidable step that has an impact on the aesthetics of your home. However, performing it incorrectly may result in irreversible harm. And believe me, you don’t want your precious carpet to be soiled or discolored, especially if you spent a long time choosing it from among a hundred other options.

We’ve found plenty of questions that house owners asked regarding how they should approach their carpets in order to effectively clean them. As a result, we’ve chosen a few of the most common ones and tried to provide you with the best answer possible.

1-Does shampooing carpets ruin them?

In contradistinction to what most people think, shampooing the carpet every few months is actually a good thing, especially when the carpet is too filthy. Unlike vacuum, shampooing allows you to get rid of the microorganisms and clean the deepest area on the carpet.

Shampooing your carpet more often, on the other hand, might cause it to lose its attractiveness by destroying its microfibers. Instead, we recommend utilizing a vacuum regularly to prevent tiny particles from adhering to the carpet fibers.

Also, what can actually hurt the microfibers is the techniques and habits you follow to disinfect the carpet. For example, not rinsing thoroughly your carpet and leaving soap on it might damage its fibers.

2-How many times should I rinse my carpet?

As a general rule of thumb, rinsing the carpet every six months is the best practice you can follow. However, there are several elements that contribute to carpet dirtiness, such as children, dogs, smoking, and so on, which may force its owner to clean it every quarter or so.

Obviously, carpets that get the most foot traffic tend to get dirtier too quickly, and therefore, it requires regular cleanings like passing the vacuum daily or every other day.

By doing so, you ensure your carpet is maintained in top condition and makes it much easier for you to deep clean it in the future.

3-How do I know if my carpet is clean

You copied precisely the same steps, and you did everything correctly, yet, the results you got weren’t the same as the ones you were imagining. Believe it or not, we understand you very well.

According to some research, carpets can hold up to 4 times their weight in dirt, which means it’s not always that easy to clean them thoroughly. Without further ado, here are some quick tips that will help you see if the carpet is clean or require more washing.

1-Soft fibers

When a carpet is completely clean, its fibers feel softer. It thus gives you that satisfying feeling when you touch it.

2-Light surface

If a light-colored carpet is not cleaned correctly, the surface will seem darker. In other words, the prior cleaning procedure didn’t manage to restore the carpet’s beauty entirely. This also indicates that there are still some dirt particles clinging to the carpet’s piles.


Obviously, a clean carpet is one that is free of stains. If, after a thorough washing, you see that certain stains remain, we recommend switching detergents or searching how to clean that specific stain on the internet.

4-Do you clean carpet until water is clean

The typical answer would be “YES.” Cleaning the carpet until water is clean shows that carpet fibers are thoroughly clean. However, do not overuse water just for the sake of cleaning every tiny square of the carpet.

Using too much water or leaving a carpet wet for an extended period of time can cause permanent damage to it, which will exacerbate the situation.

5-Do I need to rinse my carpet after cleaning

Rinsing the carpet after deep cleaning is mandatory to take off all the chemicals you’ve used. Leaving detergents on the carpet’s fibers, on the other hand, does more harm than good.

This behavior will actually increase the amount of work you have to do since it will cause the carpet’s fibers to gather dirt more quickly.

Also, we all know at least one person in our environment who is allergic to something. And leaving detergent on a carpet may harm that individual by triggering its allergy. Additionally, children’s skin is even more vulnerable than adults. And such substances can be quite harmful to them.

That’s why it’s recommended to rinse the carpet every time you shampoo it or deep clean it.

6-Should I vacuum after carpet cleaning?

Yes, you should vacuum the carpet once it has been cleaned. However, you must wait until the carpet is completely dry before doing so.

By vacuuming the carpet after washing it, you ensure nothing will be left on it, such as chemical particles or detergent, and therefore, its beauty will be revived like the first day you purchased it.


As usual, we hope we have brought you the answers you were looking for regarding the perfect way to get a shiny carpet. Please, don’t forget to leave us a comment below sharing with us your opinion about the article.

Got a specific question we didn’t cover above? Let us know in the comments below, and we will try to reach out to you as quickly as possible.

If it turns out that your carpet requires professional cleaning, we recommend reading our latest guide on whether you should vacuum your carpet and how to do so.

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